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Joe the Elf
Character Portrait of Joe the Elf

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Joe the Elf is a green Elf. He has magical powers to teleport himself, and is able to use telepods, which are supposed to work only for clones. He is a member of the Elves Club and a friend of Twinsen.

During FunFrock's Reign

Twinsen finds Joe in a grotto in the White Leaf Desert in Little Big Adventure 1. Joe is trapped in a labyrinth, allegedly because he wasn't supposed to be in the game. After Twinsen opens the entrance of the cave with the Horn of Gawley, however, he is able to leave it. Joe makes Twinsen an honorary Elf as a reward, by giving him the Elves Club Blue Card. With this card, Twinsen is able to open a locked door in a small fortress in the Hamalayi Mountains.

Joe later goes out to explore the world. According to the horse galloping in the desert, he is looking for a captured princess to be rescued.

If Twinsen uses his Flask of Clear Water in the Water Tower to clear the water supply of Principal Island, Joe teleports in from the telepod on top of the Water Tower, claiming that teleportation makes him nauseous.

During Twinsen's Odyssey

Twinsen and Joe meet again several times in Little Big Adventure 2. Firstly, in the Tralü's cave, where Joe shows his magical teleporting power, which are not yet working all right.

They meet again in the Cemetery in front of the School of Magic. Joe is transformed into a shell for unknown reasons. However, Twinsen is able to heal him with the Horn of the Blue Triton. Joe gives him three Clover leaves as a reward.

Later on, Joe goes to Zeelich along with Twinsun's wizards. As the wizards are captured by the forces of the Emperor, he is scared and plans to get back to Twinsun. On his way, he meets Twinsen, in his Wizard's Parade Tunic, at the Otringal astroport. He recognizes Twinsen and calls him by his name. The esmers, who don't yet recognize Twinsen, thus put both of them in the Otringal prison.

In prison, Joe teleports himself into Twinsen's cell. He tells Twinsen about the Esmers' plans to abduct the children of Twinsun. He also attracts a Franco Police Officer, who opens the cell's door, making it possible for Twinsen to escape the prison. Joe himself hides in the Esmer shuttle that Twinsen steals, and appears later in the crashed shuttle on the Ridge of the Flowers Circle. He claims he would like to get back to Zeelich, as the wizards are left alone there now.

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