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He has at his disposal two high tech weapons that insure his power: cloning and teleportation. He can clone any of the species at will, and subsequently recruit these clones into his ranks. He can then deploy these clones instantly through a network of telepods that are dispersed over the entire planet.

- Introduction


Telepods are devices used for teleportation. They were found all over Twinsun during Dr. FunFrock's regime. All telepods are connected to the Teleportation Center, from where clones can be sent to any place of the planet in a matter of seconds. Telepods are also found inside Dark Monk's Statue.

It is said that only clones can use telepods and they are dangerous for all species. However, FunFrock himself (or clones of him) uses the telepods several times. As well, Elves seem to be attracted to telepods and get teleported to them against their will.

Telepods can be destroyed with the enhanced Nitro-Meca-Penguins, but not with Meca-Penguins.

Role in Twinsen's Adventures

Twinsen had to avoid telepods several times during his first adventure, as Supergros could come out of them, sending him to prison. He also had to defeat clones who came out of telepods several times. After he had destroyed the Teleportation Center, the telepods were no longer working, and stopped being a threat to Twinsen.

During his second adventure, in Dark Monk's Statue, Twinsen also had to defeat some clones from telepods to open a locked entrance.

Additional Quotes

The telepod's activating pedals are fragile. Stop jumping on them!

- A poster in the Teleportation Center

Did you know that the telepods are dangerous for all species? Only the clones can use them!

- A Rabbibunny in Lupin-Burg