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This privacy policy states what information about you - the visitor of this site - is collected, and where and how this information is used.


While browsing the Twinsuniverse, no personal information about the visitor is collected. Page views are only recorded to use in anonymous site statistics, such as the counter at the bottom of each page (example: "This page has been accessed 5,889 times.").

Data sent by your browser is stored in an access log. This data contains information such as the browser version of the visitor, their operating system, screen resolution, etc. In case of illegal hacking attempts or other suspicious behaviour it's possible for the site administrator to retrieve the IP address of the visitor from these access logs, but those will never made public. Access logs can be used for further anonymous statistics such as browser usage or geographical statistics.


In order to add new pages or edit existing ones on this site, it's mandatory to register. You have to enter a username and a password, optionally you can also enter an email address and your real name. Your account will be displayed in the User list.

Your account will never be shared with any other website or party other than the Magicball Network or the Twinsuniverse.


A username is a nickname you could use online to identify yourself. It is used as an alternative to your real name. Should you prefer to keep your real name hidden, the username allows any name you wish.


Your password is stored encrypted into our database. It's not possible for anyone, not even the site administrator, to view or retrieve your password. We will never ask you for your password.

If you have forgotten your password, it's possible to have a new password emailed to you. To enable this feature, you need to have registered your email address.

Use a hard to guess password, a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, and do not use (any part of) your username.

Email Address

Entering an email address is optional, but has several benefits. As mentioned above, it can be used to send you a new password in case you've forgotten yours, or for other users to send you a message by a using a form (example). Your email address is never public. It will never be used for mailing lists or unrequited emails.

Real Name

Using your real name (e.g. as your username) is strongly discouraged if you're concerned about your privacy. This site is public domain, and anyone may access this information. Enter it only if you feel comfortable with it. Young people should never enter their real name online.

"Remember my login on this computer"

While logging in, it's possible to remember your password on this site, by checking the checkbox labeled "Remember my login on this computer". If you do this you will stay logged in if you return to this site, rather than automatically be logged out after a period of time. The login information is stored in a cookie on your computer.

Do not use this option when using a public computer such as in an internet cafe or library, as other people would be able to use your login on this site.

User Pages

It's possible to add more information about yourself on your user page after registering, but this is only optional. For your own safety, it isn't allowed to add any personal information such as full names, home addresses, phone numbers or credit card numbers.

You can access your personal page by clicking on your username when logged in, in the upper right.


Any addition or change you make to any page is recorded into the page's history with your username next to it (example: [1]). Everyone (also users who aren't logged in), can view and keep track of these changes. The page history shows who is or has been working on a page and also makes it possible to revert those changes, for example in the case of vandalism. It also functions as a way of crediting you for your work.


If you have any questions regarding this article or if you are concerned about your privacy while using this website, please contact the site administrator by using his contact form.