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Latest News Update

22 October 2012

  • The Twinsunica now continues as the Twinsuniverse! Thanks to Alexfont, this new MediaWiki was installed on his server, which thanks to J McKalling was setup as the new Twinsunica and completely revamped with modern day standards.
  • Many content from the Twinsunica was imported and improved, including the metapages and templates.

News Archive

6 June 2014

  • All templates have finally been updated to render an all-new infobox on their documentation pages, and are automatically organized by it just like content articles. This should make it easier to find a template, and understand all of their properties. This makes all the Characters, Enemies, Items and Templates finished for now. The Location articles and infoboxes will be next.

26 May 2014

  • Alexfont updated the Twinsuniverse to MediaWiki software version 1.22.6 (now 1.23.1, 20 July 2014).

1 January 2013

  • Thanks to Alexfont the Twinsuniverse has now been updated to MediaWiki software version 1.20.2, for some security fixes, bug fixes and new features.

3 July 2008

  • A new front page has been designed by Torch, and a post about it has been submitted to the MBN Forums. Thanks to Wacko and Homeless for the image!
  • Various LBA-related happenings have occoured, including progress on the LBA: Prequel and LBA: The Great Rebellion projects.