FunFrock's Reign

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FunFrock's Reign

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Adventure [list all]


FunFrock's Reign [list all]


Meanwhile, a young quetch named Twinsen has been having strange dreams...

- Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (introduction)


(the story up to Twinsen getting arrested)

The Southern Hemisphere

Escape from the Citadel

Stop squirming, prisoner Twinsen!

- Nurse

Twinsen woke up in a small prison cell inside the Citadel. By drawing the attention of the quetch nurse who guards the jail cells, he managed to get close enough to the nurse to beat him up, and escape from the cell using the his elevator. Twinsen then managed to kill a doctor, just before he could reach the alarm button, which would summon a Super-Grobo clone who would capture Twinsen and put him back in his cell.

Exploring the facility for a bit (and killing a few other doctors who got in his), Twinsen was able to find a nurse's uniform. This disguise helped him get close enough to one of the doctors, so he could kill him before the doctor sounded the alarm.

After escaping from the Citadel, Twinsen faced another obstacle - the exit was guarded by a terrain soldier. Silently and carefully, Twinsen was able to sneak behind the soldier, and hid in a pile of garbage. When a garbage truck finally came by, Twinsen seized the opportunity to hop on the truck, thus escaping the eyes of the guard, and the Citadel.

Searching for Zoé

I'm looking for a young girl. She is being escorted by two groboclones.

- Twinsen

Quickly, Twinsen ran across Citadel Island, carefully avoiding several clones who were guarding the path, and looking after him. Finally, he reached his house, where he was reunited with his girlfriend, Zoé, but not for long... While Twinsen was hiding from the clones inside his home, a pair of Grobo clones came to search for him. When they couldn't find him, they arrested Zoé, possibly so that Twinsen would come looking for her.

Twinsen left his house to search for Zoé, but remembered to take the Magic Ball and the Ancestral Tunic left by his ancestors, as they would undoubtedly help him fight the clones. While exploring Citadel Island, and asking people about Zoé, Twinsen ran into an old "friend" of his - the local pharmacist. The pharmacist was quite scared when he saw Twinsen out of prison, as he was possibly the one to inform the authorities about Twinsen's dreams. In response to seeing Twinsen, he tried to raise the alarm, which forced Twinsen to kill him and the clone who came to arrest him. Seizing the opportunity, Twinsen also searched the pharmacy for any useful items, only to find a Bottle of Syrup, and some kashes.

Eventually, Twinsen found a grobo in Chez Luc, who told him (in exchange for a drink) that he had seen Zoé and the grobos heading to the port. Twinsen went to the port, and requested a ferry ticket - only to be recognized as an escapee, causing the ticket seller to sound the alarm. He quickly ran out, and found a rather disgruntled grobo sailor. The sailor was upset with his job, and offered Twinsen a ticket, if Twinsen could help him arrange the boxes in the warehouse, Sokoban style. Of course, Twinsen agreed, and performed the job perfectly.

Exploring Principal Island

(doing everything there is to do on Principal Island - the library, the astronomer, etc. This might need to be parted into two sections)

Desert Island and The Temple of Bù

The secret of The Legend can still be learned somewhere in the White Leaf Desert.

- A book in the library at Principal Island

When he reached Desert Island, Twinsen had to face many dangers. The only access to the island was through a beach, surrounded by a set of islets, which Twinsen had to carefully jump between (as Twinsen doesn't know how to swim). After avoiding several mines and machine guns, Twinsen managed to grab a key from one of the soldiers, and access the restricted inner-area of Desert Island.

There, Twinsen found an old rabbibunny, sitting by a small well. The rabbibunny told him about the Temple of Bù, an ancient temple buried under the sand. He informed Twinsen that the small well is in fact a ventilation shaft which leads inside the temple, which contained a sacred book. The rabbibunny promised Twinsen that if he got him the book, he would tell him all he knows about The Legend.

The Temple of Bù was possibly the hardest part of Twinsen's adventure. Twinsen had to solve several difficult puzzles (such as pushing a statue from one end of the room to another, assisted by a series of elevators), all while avoiding numerous traps and enemies, such as spikes, fireball-shooting statues, skeletons and strange bouncing rocks.

When he finally reached the Book of Bù, Twinsen realized that the skeletons are no longer attacking him - instead, they started bowing in respect. An inscription on a nearby wall informed Twinsen that the book enabled him to speak to animals, and read ancient runes, such as the one in the inscription. The book had also strengthened Twinsen magic, promoting his magic level from yellow to green.

When exiting the temple, Twinsen found himself on a bizarre, floating piece of land, and was mysteriously transported back to the desert, where he met with the old hermit once again. The hermit informed Twinsen that only the Heir could have survived the Temple of Bù, which must mean Twinsen is in fact the Heir, and that he is the one who must save Twinsun from Dr. FunFrock. He also told that Twinsen may find more information inside his own home.  [Gamequote 229]

Strangely enough, the fisherman who transported Twinsen to Desert Island was still at the beach, waiting to take Twinsen back to Principal Island.

The Museum break-in

This room contains information and weapons that were amassed for generations to help the Heir who will, one day, be chosen from our descendants. The key to the room was passed down from generation to generation, but our ancestor Hégésippe was the last family member to retain the key. He was attacked and killed by the ruthless pirate LeBorgne during a sea voyage. Nobody knows where Leborgne's treasure, which undoubtedly contains the golden key to the room, is today.

- runes outside the Heir's room

After returning to Port-Belooga, Twinsen met a sphero decided to sell his boat. Even though it was a bit pricey (at 200 kashes), Twinsen decided to buy the boat, thinking he is probably be better off traveling independently, knowing that a wanted poster with his picture is hung all around the main islands. Also, because of the numerous treasures he found in the Temple of Bù, he could easily afford it.

With his brand new sail-boat, Twinsen traveled back to Citadel Island, to find more information regarding the Legend in his home. Twinsen remembered there was a cave underneath his home, with a locked room and some strange runes he could not read. Now that he had the Book of Bù he was able to read them. According to the runes, the key to the room was taken a long time ago by a pirate named LeBorgne, whose treasure's location is unknown. Twinsen soon went to seek information regarding LeBorgne and his treasure.

After questioning several people around Principal Island and Citadel Island, Twinsen found information regarding LeBorgne in the Principal Island library. According to a secret map, the treasure could be found somewhere on Proxima Island. Following the (very specific) instructions on the map, Twinsen found himself at the doorstep of the Maritime Museum.

(section to be completed)

Gawley's Horn and The Runic Stones

(everything up to the (and including) the runic stones)

The Hamalayi Mountains

Twinsen the rebel

(up to Twinsen collapsing in the snow)

Infiltrating the Mutant Factory

(up to the destruction of the Mutant Factory)

The Clear Water Lake

(up until leaving the hamalayi mountains)

The Northern Hemisphere

Finding a new friend

(until reaching dinofly)

The Teleportation Center

(up until the destruction of the teleportation center)

Fortress Island

(up until the destruction of fortress island)

The Construction Site

(until reaching the top of the well)

Defeating FunFrock

(the end of the game)

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