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Dr. FunFrock
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Dr. FunFrock is the main antagonist of Twinsen and his allies. He was a rather big Quetch and the dictator of Twinsun, before Twinsen stopped his influence. He later disguised himself as Dark Monk, the supposedly reincarnated god of Zeelich. His main goal was to get godlike powers. He beliefed to get them from the power of Sendell and the Stellar Entity inside Twinsun.

During "FunFrock's Reign"

During his dictatorship, he made use of his knowledge of cloning and teleporting to ensure total control of the planet's citizens. His clones of all races could be teleported to all places of Twinsun instantly through a network of telepods. These technologies were controlled by the Teleportation Center and the Cloning Center that was inside his secret fortress.

He built prisons all over the planet to hold any dissidents captive, including the massive Citadel, giving the name to Citadel Island. Alternately, people could be forced under house arrests, indicated by bricked up entrance doors.

He also evacuated the Northern Hemisphere in order to ensure his plans to dig a hole to the center of Twinsun starting from Polar Island in order to gain god powers. To evacuate the hemisphere, he produced mutants in his Mutant Factory to scare the citizens away.

FunFrock was the tyrant the Legend of Sendell spoke of. Twinsen, as the heir the prophecy spoke of, destroys FunFrock's regime in his first adventure. He first meets FunFrock, or possibly a clone of him, inside FunFrock's Headquarters on Principal Island. However, FunFrock quickly teleports himself away via the nearby telepod.

After Twinsen destroys both the Mutant Factory and the Teleportation Center, he is trapped by FunFrock when trying to rescue a clone of Zoé in FunFrock's Secret Fortress. The secret fortress was built around the Stone of the Serpentaion, the last runic stone of the prophecy. After Twinsen escapes the fortress's prison, he finds the runic stone, and destroys the fortress using the power of his Clear Water.

Twinsen faces FunFrock again on the rocky peak in the center of Polar Island. After a short battle, FunFrock falls off the rock, and Twinsen estimates he was defeated. FunFrock then sets off a clone of him, which battles Twinsen again deeper in Sendell's Well.

During "Twinsen's Odyssey"

FunFrock himself found a way to Zeelich and made a second plan to destroy Twinsun, along with the Zeelichian Emperor. They built reactors on Emerald Moon to fire the moon towards Twinsun. FunFrock disguised himself as Dark Monk, a god of Zeelich, and manipulated the Esmers to help him with his plan.

FunFrock abducts the wizards and children of Twinsun and brings them inside Dark Monk's statue. The statue itself should be the antenna to attract the power of Sendell when Twinsun explodes.

However, FunFrock is once again stopped by Twinsen in the last minute. Twinsen defeats FunFrock and several of his clones in the statue, and the Esmers destroy the lunar reactors right before the moon's impact on Twinsun.

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