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Character Portrait of Twinsen

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Citadel Island


Twinsen's House

Twinsen when meeting Sendell
Twinsen fan art by Zeelichian

Twinsen is the hero of both adventures. Twinsen is the player character, and navigates islands on several planets to be able to save the planet and peace. Twinsen is the latest descendent of the family of Quetches who was granted special powers by Sendell, the god of Twinsun.


Twinsen is a young quetch from Citadel Island, Twinsun. He received praise and fame for freeing Twinsun from the evil dictator FunFrock during his first adventure, and saving Twinsun from destruction as well as ridding Zeelich from Dark Monk's curse during his second adventure.

Twinsen is the last person in a secret line of heirs. This line was so secret, that Twinsen himself did not know about this until the need came up for the heir to rise up and fight against the tyrant (FunFrock), as forespoken in the prophecy described in the Book of Bù.

Twinsen's appearance is marked by his blue magical tunic, Sendell's Medallion and his Magic Ball. This was his default attire throughout most of both his adventures.


Because of his adventures and quests for the greater good, Twinsen is well known for his courage among the people on both planets, but he remains a modest and friendly attitude. He stands up for the common people, as he has the strong urge in his blood to stand up against injustice, a common trait amongst the line of heirs.

Some might say that before and during Twinsen's first adventure, Twinsen was rather shy and perhaps softer. He became more talkative and verbal around the time his second adventure started.


Together with his girlfriend Zoé, Twinsen has one baby son Arthur, who was born right after peace between Zeelich and Twinsun was regained and the Emerald Moon was pushed back.

Twinsen had many ancestors, one of which is Hégésippe. Not much is known about him, and virtually nothing about the other ancestors.

Some of Twinsen's closest friends include Jerome Baldino and Dino-Fly.

Twinsen is able to communicate with Sendell from anywhere, even from Zeelich, by means of the Sendell's Ball which he retrieved during his second adventure. He has also met in person with a physical representation of Sendell twice; at the end of both his adventures, the first of which together with Zoé.


Twinsen is known for his wide arrangement of athletic moves, magic skills, and the capability to handle a large amount of different weapons and vehicles.


Some observative people on Twinsun and Zeelich have noticed that Twinsen has four basic modes of movement. Each of the most important movements within these modes are:

  • Walking, talking
  • Running, jumping
  • Punching and kicking
  • Sneaking, crouching

Magic skills and Magic Ball

Twinsen went through the four stages of magic throughout the first adventure: Yellow, Green, Red and Fire. This was possible by retrieving respectively the Ancestral Tunic, the Book of Bù, then Sendell's Medallion, and eventually a flask of Clear Water. The Magic Ball itself doubles as a weapon, and indication of the current level of magic, given by it's colour.

Between his first and second adventure, Twinsen mostly dislearned his magic skills, and the Magic Ball degraded back to yellow. After the need arose to use it again, he gradually regained his magic skills throughout his second adventure.

To regain the first level of magic, Twinsen collected the Ancestral Tunic once more, along with Sendell's Medallion. For the second level of magic, Twinsen had to pass three tests and gain a Wizard's Diploma. The third level of magic was gained by retrieving Sendell's Ball, and the fourth and final level was gained by uniting the four fragments of the four Zeelichian races to create Dark Monks key.

Handling weapons

Apart from his bare fists and feet, Twinsen came across and used many weapons during his adventures which he used to his advantage. These were used in his first adventure:

Whereas during his second adventure, Twinsen got his hands on a larger array of weapons:

Handling vehicles

Twinsen handled a large amount of vehicles during his adventures. Following is a summary of the means of transportation handled by Twinsen during his first adventure:

Twinsen also rode these vehicles as a passenger:

And in his second adventure, Twinsen handled the following means of transportation:

And as a passenger:

Twinsen's adventures

File:Twinsen painting.gif
A painting of Twinsen, hanging on a wall in Miss Bloop's Private Museum
Twinsen's first adventure refers to the epic event of Twinsen rising up as Heir and overthrowing the evil dictator FunFrock. The adventure starts where Twinsen has weird dreams and is thrown in the Citadel Island's citadel, and ends when he defeats FunFrock, meets with Sendell, and finally returns home with Zoé.

Twinsen's second adventure refers to the Zeelichian Invasion on Twinsun and Twinsen's intervention of their plans of destroying Twinsun as well as uncovering the fake Dark Monk. This adventure is generally considered start with the Great Storm, and ending with Twinsen pushing back the Emerald Moon with help of the Zeelichians, and returning home to Zoé and their newborn son Arthur.

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