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Jerome Baldino
Character Portrait of Jerome Baldino

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Jerome Baldino, often referred to simply as Baldino, is a grobo working as an inventor. Among his inventions are the proto-pack, Twinsun's first prototype space ship, and a portable radio device. Jerome is Twinsen's best friend, gives him advice, gadgets and missions.

Baldino lives on Proxima Island during FunFrock's Reign, and on the Island of the White Leaf Desert during Twinsen's Odyssey.

During "FunFrock's Reign"

Twinsen first meets Baldino in his house in Proxim-City. Baldino is working on the proto-pack at that time, and asks Twinsen to get him a hair dryer in order to complete the work on it. After Twinsen gets him a hair dryer, Baldino completes the proto-pack using the hair dryer's rheostat, and offers Twinsen 10 kashes in order to test it. Twinsen keeps the proto-pack with him for the rest of the game.

During "Twinsen's Odyssey"

During the time between FunFrock's fall and the beginning of Twinsen's second adventure, Twinsen and Baldino became close friends. For unknown reasons, Baldino moved to the newly populated Desert Island, where he continues his researches in his house in Port-Ludo. There he has a giant telescope pointed at the moon, and outside his house a huge weird shaped object can be seen draped underneath some camouflage canvas, which later turns out to be his space ship.

Due to Twinsen and Baldino being friends, Baldino sought to help Twinsen whenever he could. When Twinsen's car breaks down, Baldino gives Twinsen a car part which is needed to fix it, on Zoé's request. Soon after that, Baldino gives him a portable radio device, which enables him to communicate with him and with Zoé.

Due to his inquisitive nature, Baldino uses his powerful telescope to research the Esmer activities on Emerald Moon. While Twinsen visits Zeelich for the first time, Baldino uses a space ship he had secretly built to fly to Emerald Moon, to discover the Esmers' demonic plan of destroying Twinsun. Because of his discovery, the Esmers capture him and keep him in prison. Before leaving for Emerald Moon, however, Baldino remembers to leave Twinsen the Proto-Pack, just in case he might need it.

Using the radio, Baldino is able to tell Twinsen all about the Esmers' plan, just before he is captured. He prompts Twinsen to steal a shuttle from the Secret Esmer base on Desert Island, and use it to fly to Emerald Moon. Twinsen obliges to his request, and soon busts Baldino out of prison. After their escape, Twinsen and Baldino use Baldino's ship to fly to Zeelich to destroy the control center of the moon reactors on Island CX. But as Baldino's ship runs out of fuel, they crash on Zeelich.

Baldino spends most of the time on Zeelich on fixing the crashed space ship. He asks Twinsen to retrieve some gazogem, a powerful fuel produced on Zeelich, which will enable him to repair and refuel the ship for their voyage home. Despite Twinsen's reluctance, as he is already in a hurry to find Island CX, he agrees. After getting the gazogem, Baldino is able to transform the rather weak Proto-Pack into the much better Super Jet-pack, which allows Twinsen to fly higher and reach places he hasn't reached before, such as the Upper City of Otringal.

During FunFrock's final face off against Twinsen, Baldino saves the children of Twinsun from falling into the lava under Dark Monk's Statue, unbeknownst to Twinsen and FunFrock, who think the children have fallen to their doom. Baldino then takes Twinsen and the children back to Twinsun.

Character origins

Jerome Baldino's model is the French showman Jérôme Bonaldi, who is known for specialising in presenting scientific inventions on radio and television.

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