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Super Jet-pack
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It was put together by Jerome Baldino. It now allows you to access new locations and to follow some grades that were impracticable with the proto-pack.

- Official description


With the gazogem as fuel, the Proto-Pack transforms into a Super Jet-pack. This enables flying higher and faster than with the proto-pack, as well as boarding from less shallow locations.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

Since the elevators to the Upper City were temporarily out of order, Twinsen was not able to meet Johnny Rocket at the Imperial Hotel. The only way there was via a small river that was too high for the simple proto-pack. Fortunately enough for Twinsen, Jerome Baldino said he could improve his proto-pack with the little help of a can of gazogem. The super-jet-pack itself had no vital role thereafter, as in most places the proto-pack would have sufficed. However, Twinsen did find it handy at certain points in his adventure, for example at the Island of Celebration, when making his way to the rock crystal, or in the Island below the Celebration, going to the secret mosquibee hideout.

Additional quotes

Jerome just gave you the super jet-pack. It will allow you to reach places you couldn't get to using the proto-pack.

- When Twinsen received the upgraded jet-pack

Of course, but I will need this gazogem sooner or later. Besides it allows me to transform your proto-pack and increase its performance.

- Jerome Baldino

You must go get me some gazogem so that I can finish to repair our vessel and make your protopack more powerful!!

- Jerome Baldino

Hey there, don't forget my gazogem. I really need it to repair the vessel. And I think you'll appreciate what it does to your protopack.

- Jerome Baldino

Thank you, Twinsen. Now I can make a ship that can race the comets! Anyway, here's something to turn your protopack into a super jetpack. And from now on, you can fly higher.

- Jerome Baldino

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