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The Proto-Pack is a small reactor that goes upon a person's back, and practically enables the person to fly a few inches above the ground.

During FunFrock's Reign

The Proto-Pack was built by Jerome Baldino in his laboratory in Proxim-City. When Twinsen reaches his house, Baldino is just about to finish working on it. He tells Twinsen that to fine tune the motor's power, he needs a rehostat like the ones found in hair dryers. After Twinsen gets Baldino a hairdryer, he is able to finish working on it, and even pays Twinsen 10 kashes to test it.

The main use Twinsen has for the Proto-Pack in LBA 1 is at the Maritime Museum of Proxima Island. Since the alarm of the museum is on, Twinsen must use the Proto-Pack, as the slightest step on the floor would sound the alarm. After flying his way to LeBorgne's treasure at the end of the museum, Twinsen is eventually able to steal the Ancestral Key, and exit the museum before anyone notices.

Another use for the Proto-Pack in the first game is on Peg-Leg street at Principal Island. As Julia and Beatrice explain to him, Twinsen has to fly to the small island nearby the street, and thus get the clover box that is there.

Another two useful places for the Proto-Pack are the mooring point of Desert Island, where Twinsen can use it in order to get straight to the mainland and back (as opposed to jumping from rock to rock), and on Dino-Fly Street at Tippett Island, trying to avoid the giant crab swimming in the water.

During Twinsen's Odyssey

Some time between the events of the two games, Twinsen gave the Proto-Pack back to Baldino, who started working on improving it. Before Baldino leaves to Emerald Moon, he leaves the Proto-Pack for Twinsen in the baggage claim building in Citadel Island.

In the baggage claim, Twinsen has to solve a couple of puzzles that include directing a crate-mover and pushing the Proto-Pakc's crate along the lane, before the grobo in charge of the Baggage Claim can open the box for him.

Twinsen first needs the Proto-Pack in order to reach the Pearl of Incandescence, as the spikes in the cave where the pearl is do not enable him to reach it. Twinsen also uses the Proto-Pack in the Esmer Base on Desert Island, to hover over an electrical conveyor there, that fries him otherwise.

When Twinsen and Baldino crash on Zeelich, Baldino asks Twinsen to get him a can of gazogem, so that he can upgrade the Proto-Pack into a Super-Jetpack. Even though he is displeased with the request, as he is in a hurry to reach Island CX, Twinsen eventually needs the improved Jetpack, and thus goes get the gazogem.

After Baldino improves the Proto-Pack into a Super Jetpack, Twinsen can still use the normal Proto-Pack, although it is no longer necessary.

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