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LeBorgne the Pirate

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LeBorgne was a pirate who roamed the entire southern hemisphere several hundred years before FunFrock's Reign, and is now a famous historical character among the Twinsunians. It is common knowledge that LeBorgne was almost illiterate and had the captain's log written for him by his cook. It is also he who had killed Twinsen's ancestor Hégésippe. LeBorgne's treasure, of which the location was for long unknown, is an exhibit in the Maritime Museum on Proxima Island.

Name origin

"LeBorgne" is not his real name, which remains unknown. The nickname LeBorgne that everyone knows him by is translated as "The One-eyed", which is explained by the following entry from the book about LeBorgne at the Principal Island library.

That was his nickname because he was always chewing an old toothpick. One day, during a typhoon, he sneezed: he found his toothpick, but lost an eye!

- Library Grobo

In the game

When Twinsen finds out that he is the current Heir, he has to retrieve the items and information left for him by his ancestors in the room underneath his house on Citadel Island. The key to this room, however, had been lost a few generations before. The last family member to have possession of this key was Hégésippe. He was killed by LeBorgne, and the key was stolen and kept with his other treasures. Twinsen has to find LeBorgne's treasure to gain entry to the secret room.

Futhermore, in order to approach the Rebellion Island, Twinsen has to display on his ship an emblem for the opposition: a pirate flag. To this end, Twinsen ended up procuring the pirate flag of the legendary LeBorgne.

After asking many people around the planet, Twinsen reaches the library in Principal Island, where he hears from a grobo that the treasure is stored in the Maritime Museum. Twinsen sneaks in there, and steals the Ancestral Key, as well as the pirate flag.

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