Can of Gazogem

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Can of Gazogem

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Twinsen finding a can of gazogem in the inner structures of the Gazogem Refinery

The Can of Gazogem is an ineventory item in Little Big Adventure 2, a container holding the Zeelichian fuel gazogem. The fuel is refined by the Francos at the Gazogem Refinery, on Francos Island using gems mined by the Wannies in the Undergas. The fuel is sold in the Otringal gas station, and delivered to the other Zeelichian islands by tankers.

The name "gazogem" derives from the French term "gaz au gemmes", meaning "made of gems".

Twinsen goes to search for the gazogem in Jerome Baldino's order, after they crash on Otringal. Baldino needs the fuel in order to feel his spaceship's gas tank, as well as improving Twinsen's Proto-pack into a Super Jet-pack. Twinsen goes to the local gas station, where he is told by a nearby salesman that no more of this fuel is available at the station, and that a tanker would later arrive from the Island of the Francos to refill the bunker, but would not do so for a while. Twinsen then goes to the Island of the Francos, and takes a gazogem can from the refinery. After bringing the can of gazogem to Jerome, he is able to fix his space shuttle, and power up Twinsen's proto-pack to a super jet-pack.

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