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An Esmer.

Esmers is a general name for the inhabitants of Zeelich used by Twinsunians. It is based on the Twinsunians' initial belief that the "Esmers" come from Emerald Moon instead of Zeelich (Esmers = people from Emerald Moon). But despite better knowing it has evolved to meaning Zeelichians, as even FunFrock, knowing their origins from the first time, uses the term "Esmers". The Esmers themselves prefer the name Zeelichians.

The Esmers are actually four different species: the Sups, the Francos, the Wannies and the Mosquibees. The term "race" is also often used to describe differences, though the official term is species.

The term Esmer can be found next to any activities and objects by Zeelichans, as far as they are known or happened on Twinsun.

The Esmer invasion

Main Article: Esmer invasion

A part of FunFrock's and the Emperor's plan to destory Twinsun needed the power of the Twinsunian wizards. Realising that it wouldn't be easy to get control on them, they started a mission to Twinsun, inviting the wizards to Zeelich.

Pretending they wanted to help with the restoration of the Temple of Bù, they build a secret base in Bald Mountain for their shuttles to land and get off. Agents of the SBI are sent to remote places of the islands.

As the Emsers can't just leave Twinsun after capturing the wizards, they establish military control over the populace instead.

During the military presence of the Esmers on Twinsun Esmer troops and robots are guarding the streets, many public places such Chez Luc and Miss Bloop's Private Museum are closed, along with the ferry services.

Mine fields are seen on Desert Island, making it hard to use the guarded streets.

With the prepared destruction of Twinsun with the lunar reactors, however, more and more Esmers leave the planet, bringing themselves out of danger.

Esmer Spaceships

Main Article: Esmer shuttle

The yellow Esmer spaceships can usually be found at the astroport in Otringal, carrying passengers to various planets. However, they are also used for military purposes, like for the invasion of Twinsun, at the Emerald Moon base, or as the Emperor's personal spacecraft to get from Island CX to Otringal.

The shuttles' round outside makes them perfectly able to fly through space. Upon landing, big red feet extend from its bottom, and a side door opens.

The shuttles are controlled by itinary tokens.

Famous Esmers

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