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Mosquibee is one of the four main species of the planet Zeelich. Their name is derived from a combination of mosquito and bee. With their wings, they are the only race in Zeelich capable of flying.

The mosquibees usually keep to themselves, and outside the Island of the Mosquibees in the Under-Gas of Zeelich, they are hardly seen around the planet. A plaque in Dark Monk's temple describes them as such:

Mosquibee representative. The race of the Mosquibees lives in the under-gas. Their village is a magnificent cocoon anchored on the rocky tor which supports the island CX.

- A plaque at Dark Monk's temple

When the Emperor assisted FunFrock in imposing as Dark Monk, the mosquibees are the only ones in the planet who resist the Emperor's actions. Instead, they have their own queen, Astrid.

Twinsen comes to the Island of the Mosquibees knowing it provides access to Island CX. Just after he proves his trustworthiness to the queen, the Emperor's soldiers attack the village, and a battle commences between them and the mosquibees. Several mosquibees take hide then in a cave in Volcano Island.

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