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Emperor of Zeelich
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Statue of the Emperor of Zeelich

The Emperor of Zeelich is Dr. FunFrock's right hand in his attempt to destroy Twinsun by imposing as Dark Monk. In this attempt, FunFrock spread the propaganda that Dark Monk was reincarnated.

Because the Priests of Zeelich believed it, they suspected Twinsen of stealing the key fragments while he actually borrowed them to prevent harmful use by the Emperor and FunFrock. The Emperor actually wanted to be the master of Zeelich. He had overwhelming armies in comparison with the dissidents and army of Queen Astrid. He sent those armies as a way to avoid a failure of his plan.

Twinsen meets the emperor on Island CX, where he kills him. Just before he dies, the emperor manages to trigger the switch that activates the reactor on Emerald Moon that causes the moon to hurl towards Twinsun. Upon the emperor's death, he drops a key that Twinsen uses to steal the Emperor's Sword from the chest in the room.

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