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The Dino-Fly is a mythical creature, with uncertain origins. He is a green dinosaur-like animal, with the ability to fly. When Twinsen finds him, he is told that he has been waiting for him for a long time. The Dino-Fly is an asset to both of Twinsen's Adventures.

During FunFrock's Reign, Twinsen is advised by a sphero upon arriving on Tippett Island that he would need the services of a dino-fly in order to reach some of the planet's islands. Twinsen meets the Dino-Fly at the cliff peak of Tippett Island's surface. At this point, the Dino-Fly is only able to fly around the northern hemisphere of the planet, due to his soar back. Twinsen uses the Dino-Fly to reach some of the hemisphere's islands unreachable with a hydroglider, such as Brundle Island and Fortress Island.

During Twinsen's Odyssey, Twinsen has taken the Dino-Fly to his home on Citadel Island. The adventure starts with a cutscene of Dino-Fly injured in a lightning storm, and curing him is Twinsen's first main goal. He is eventually able to do so by using the Horn of the Blue Triton, which he receives as part of his studies at the School of Magic. Dino-Fly's main use in the second game is taking Twinsen to the Island of the Dome of the Slate, which Twinsen can't reach with a ferry.

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