Horn of the Blue Triton

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Horn of the Blue Triton
Image of Horn of the Blue Triton

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The Horn of the Blue Triton is a horn storing life candies. This horn enables the owner to store a higher amount of life candies, as well as use those candies to heal other people.

Twinsen's very first object in Little Big Adventure 2 is to find a way to cure Dino-Fly. During his studies at the School of Magic, he has to undergo the Garden Balsam Flower test. As a reward for completing the test, Twinsen receives the Horn of the Blue Triton, which is half-empty when he receives it. Twinsen can fill the horn using life candies he finds around the planet, as well as with a clover leaf. With this horn, Twinsen can finally cure Dino-Fly, and thus complete the third test of the School of Magic- the Dome of the Slate test.

Twinsen can also use the horn to cure other people, though none of them are necessarry tasks in the game. He can use it on Joe the Elf at the cemetery, after the elf accidentally turned himself into a shell. In return he receives 3 clover leaves. Additionally, Twinsen can use the horn to cure an injured Wannie in the Island of the Wannies. In return, the wannie gives Twinsen a gem, and tells him about an easier access to the Queen of the Mosquibees' cell.

The Horn also comes in handy when Twinsen wishes to renew a certain amount of life points. By using the horn, Twinsen can store these life points, and then extract them from the item whenever he needs to restore his health status.

It is also possible to use the horn for cheating in the Gloum Casino in Otringal. By dispensing a life candy on a course in the Duam race, the Duam who touches the candy is more likely to win the race.

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