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Ferry Ticket
Image of Ferry Ticket

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Ferry Tickets are used for travelling from one island to another around Twinsun's Southern Hemisphere in a ferry. It can be bought in shops near the islands' harbours, and once shown to the ferry captain in Little Big Adventure 1 or to Mr. Paul in Little Big Adventure 2, one may board and travel to another island.

The ticket is coloured red and yellow, with the letters IIF on it, standing for Inter-Island Ferries.

Twinsen's reaction upon receiving a Ferry Ticket in LBA1.

In the two games, Twinsen has to travel from island to island a lot. Until buying the catamaran, or finding/healing Dino-Fly, his way to travel is by ferry. The cost of the ticket varies, depending on where Twinsen buys it.

At the beginning LBA 1, Twinsen escapes the citadel, and therefore when he speaks to the ticket seller, the latter calls a grobo clone. The only way Twinsen can recieve a ticket then is by completing a sokoban-like puzzle for a sailor grobo, who in return gives Twinsen a counterfeit ticket. Similarly, travelling between Principal and Citadel Island costs Twinsen 30 kashes instead of the usual 10, as the tickets seller there recognizes his face from the Wanted posters.

In case Twinsen has a ticket with him when arriving on Zeelich, he can sell it at the Twinsunian Souvenir Shop.

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