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Clover Leaf
Image of Clover Leaf

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A clover box

Clover boxes and clover leaves are used as the lives system in the Little Big Adventure games. Each clover leaf represents one life, and one leaf is subtracted when the life points meter reaches zero, or when Twinsen falls into water, lava or gas. If Twinsen runs out of clover leaves, he dies. Each leaf is stored in its own clover box, limiting the number of possible clover leaves. Clover boxes are found in various places in the games, and finidng one means another opportunity of lives.

During FunFrock's Reign

By completing a non-compulsory task in the game, Twinsen receives a list with clover boxes locations.

At the following places clover boxes can be found in the game:

In the first game, clover leaves have their own inventory box. Selecting the leaf in the inventory subtracts one leaf, and fills the life points meter.

During Twinsen's Odyssey

At the following places clover boxes can be found in LBA 2:

Clover leaves also fill the Horn of Gawley with life candies.

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