Wizard's Parade Tunic

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Wizard's Parade Tunic
Image of Wizard's Parade Tunic

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This parade outfit is accessible only to Twinsun's graduated wizards. It makes you a bona fide magician.

- Official description


This parade tunic is worn by the wizards from Twinsun. It makes the owner recognizable as a wizard. These tunics are given to anyone who graduates from the School of Magic. In case the school has none left in stock, they will be supplied by the local wizard's accessories seller, Chedil Amiradoo.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

Upon graduating from the School of Magic, Twinsen was told about the myserious disappearance of all wizards of the planet. Following the request of the rector, Twinsen went out to search for them. Once graduating from the school Twinsen was able buy a wizard's parade tunic from Chedil Amiradoo.

The Esmers, not recognizing Twinsen, thought he was just a harmless wizard they can kidnap. Twinsen was invited to a tour around Zeelich, which was a cover for the Esmers' plans of kidnapping all the wizards. None of the Esmers recognized Twinsen, until Joe the Elf accidently betrayed him by revealing his true identity. Twinsen was then captured, and lost his wizard's costume.

If it wasn't for the costume, Twinsen would not have been able to go to Zeelich with the Esmers.

Additional quotes

I don't have any spare wizard's parade tunics left. But there is a peddler on the island. I'll contact him and ask him to give you one. Go find him. Also, let your beard grow.

- Rector of the School of Magic

You have to find a peddler who lives on the island. I advised him to provide you with a hat and your wizard's parade tunic.

- Rector of the School of Magic

Looking for a costume or magic accessories? Well, Chedil Amiradoo has a deal that'll make your head spin. Low, low prices and after-sales service. Currently doing the rounds on your island.

- An advetisement

Ah, you must be Twinsen. Congratulations for passing your examination. If you want a magician's tunic it'll cost you 50 kashes. We'll throw in a false beard to make you look like an old magician. Interested?

- Chedil Amiradoo

You just found a parade outfit for the wizards. It'll make you look like an old wizard.

- When Twinsen received the tunic

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