Rector of the School of Magic

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Rector of the School of Magic
Character Portrait of Rector of the School of Magic

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The rector of the school of magic is a nameless rabbibunny who is in charge of the School of Magic. He guides the new pupils of the school throughout their tests, and gives them their rewards when they complete them. He is assisted by a rabbibunny named Bunny. Before anyone may start becoming a wizard at the School of Magic, the rector requires them an inscription free of 120 kashes.

Twinsen, knowing he has to cure his Dino-Fly, enrols at the School of Magic to become a wizard, and is guided by the Rector through his tests. He says Twinsen has to pass all three tests of Wizardry to become a Wizard, even though he once saved the planet. The Rector gives Twinsen his rewards after completing each of the tests: a Blowgun after completing the Blowgun test, the Horn of the Blue Triton after completing the test of the Balsam, a Magic Slate for the test of the Dome of the Slate and a Wizard's Diploma upon graduation.

After Twinsen completes his studies in the school, the Rector entrusts him with the very concerning news that all the wizards of the planet have disappeared. He asks Twinsen to go finding their trails.

After Twinsen comes back from Zeelich, Zoé tells him about the kidnapping of the Twinsunian children by the Esmers, and advices him to ask for assistance in the School of Magic. The Rector tells Twinsen that in order to deal with the Esmers, he should first increase his magic level, by obtaining the Sendell's Ball. He also tells him that he needs the Ring of Lightning for that.