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Terrain Soldier

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Soldier with a white camouflage
Soldier with a cannon

Terrain soldiers are the basic soldiers in FunFrock's army. They can be seen with a yellow suit on the Island of the White Leaf Desert, with a white suit in the Hamalayi Mountains, and with a green one everywhere else. They're omnipresent. They are patrolling in nearly every public place, like Lupin Burg, the Old Burg and the rest of Principal Island, the Maritime Museum on Proxima Island, in the Hamalayi Mountains and at all fortresses and factories of FunFrock. There's a military camp on Principal and Desert Island.

The terrain soldiers are major enemies of Twinsen. He encounters them at many different places in his adventure, and has to fight them in various fortresses and factories, sometimes to get a key. However, they are easy to defeat most of the time.

In Peg Leg street, Twinsen encounters a terrain soldier having a pee at nearby trees. While the soldier is absent, Twinsen is able to steal his bike to get to the water tower.

In the Old Burg, there is a soldier standing in front of a poster. When Twinsen pays 10 kashes, he is allowed to look at it:

Young male quetch seeks young female rabbibunny for friendship (and maybe more...)

- The poster in Old Burg

The average soldier seems to be quite lazy. A few soldiers are seen sleeping on the grass when on duty. Also, their level of intelligence does not appear to be very high. When Twinsen emerges from the Principal Island prison, he is stopped by a soldier, but is able to pass by saying he is Santa Claus.

Though the soldiers have human attributes, it is speculated that they are in fact Quetch clones.

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