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Joan Loumin
Character Portrait of Joan Loumin

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Joan Loumin is a mosquibee acting as part of the dissidents group on Zeelich. He has been chosen by the Mosquibee Rebellions to speak in the Dissident's Group for the Mosquibees. He will be able to help Twinsen to continue his adventure.

His name is not mentioned in the actual game, and is only written in the official Little Big Adventure 2 website [1]. Twinsen meets him in several different places during the game.

Twinsen first meets Joan during his first trip to Zeelich, while escaping from the Otringal prison. Joan is held as a prisoner in another cell, and Twinsen can release him by hitting the switch on the top floor. While this is not a neccessarry part of the game, a player who does release Joan gets an advice from him about leaving through the back door, as the front entrance is heavily guarded. Understanding Joan at this point requires owning a translator, and a player who did not pick one earlier in the game hears Zeelichian from him instead.

Twinsen later meets Joan and his dissident fellows at the Twinsunian Souvenir Shop in Otringal. While Twinsen informs the Dissident's about the lunar reactor, they help him prepare for his trip to Island CX, and hand him a Laser-Pistol.

When arriving to the Island of the Mosquibees, Twinsen sees Joan standing next to the queen Astrid. When Astrid asks Twinsen for a proof of his good intentions, Joan hints him that it is the Dissident's Ring she's looking for.

Joan later witnesses Twinsen undergoing the Test of Truth at the Challenge room. Just after Twinsen completes the challenge, the emperor's soldiers attack the village, and Joan, together with the queen and another mosquibee, is captured. They are being held prisoners at the Building Company in Wannies Island.

Twinsen goes to their cell in the Building Company, in order to get the Key to the Passage to CX from the queen. Joan advices him to get there as soon as possible.

Joan is lastly seen at the end of the game, in the party on Citadel Island.

Character origins

The model for Joan Loumin is the active member of French Resistance during the World War II Jean Moulin, who was one of the most active French Resistance members during the World War II, close to the commanders and captured by the enemy more than once. To add to the similarity, Jean Moulin's image is associated with a scarf he often wore to hide scarring and the typical for the time period fedora hat.

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