Key to the Passage to CX

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Key to the Passage to CX
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The key to the passage which leads to Island CX is a key opening a door at the throne room in the Mosquibee Village, leading to a passage which eventually leads to Island CX. The key is guarded by Astrid the queen of the Mosquibees.

In search for an access to Island CX, Twinsen learns from the dissidents that it is possible to reach it from the Island of the Mosquibees. When he arrives to the island, he learns that the way to Island CX is blcoked by the throne of Queen Astrid. After Twinsen proves his loyalty to her, she promises to open the door for him using the key. But soon after that, the village is attacked by the Emperor's soldiers, and Astrid is captured.

Twinsen finds Astrid imprisoned in the Building Company at the Island of the Wannies. She gives him the key to Island CX, and tells him to go save his planet.

Twinsen returns to the Mosquibees Island to open the door, but when he arrivs in the throne room he finds that a mercenary named Ghazkhul le Grand is waiting for him. After Twinsen defeats him, he can safely enter the open the throne with the key, and finally reach Island CX.