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The rebels are inhabitants of Twinsun who oppose Dr. FunFrock with military force. They retreat to an island which is constantly bombed by Funfrock's forces. They wage an ongoing war, tearing down the teleportation pads, destroying all the clones, and vanquishing the presence of FunFrock from its shores. New recruits train in the Rebel Camp. The rebels primarily seem to be rabbibunnies and spheroes

Rebellion Island is isolated, and the rebels allow access to their harbour only to ships bearing a pirate flag.

The rebels never believe that the northern hemisphere is uninhabitable as FunFrock's propaganda says. They intended to traverse to it through the fortified Okojo Pass, but during their attempt, their colonel Kroptman was captured.

When Twinsen arrives on the island by a Catamaran, the rebels already know him. A rebel commander Sphero tells him about their fight, and asks his help to free Kroptman.

Twinsen and the rebels take the landing boat from Rebellion Island, and land on the shore of Okojo Pass, where Twinsen has to destroy the radio with his magic ball, to prevent communication for an easier takeover. They then battle through the pass itself, until they find a tank which they manage to seize for their own use. The rest of the battle through the pass is afterwards an easy task.

Once arriving at the fortress where Kroptman is captured, the rebels stay behind to cover Twinsen while he ventures inside to free the colonel. Once the colonel is freed he advises Twinsen to take the back entrance out of the fortress.