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The Twinsuniverse is a base of all information and knowledge about the two adventures of Twinsen and his world, as seen in Little Big Adventure and Little Big Adventure 2. To avoid confusions, this page deals with how to design articles.

What the Twinsuniverse isn't

It is not a guide to LBA

This might sound confusing, but the Twinsuniverse is not about how to play LBA. Rather, it is about anything "in-game" only.

The large community around the two games brought to life many terms and software solutions that might be appropriate in an LBA encyclopedia, but the Twinsuniverse only covers the content you'd find inside the game while playing. For example, LBAwin is a port created by LBA's main programmer, Sébastien Viannay. While a very important term in the LBA culture, LBAwin is not a part of Twinsun, Zeelich or Emerald Moon, and therefore doesn't exist in the Twinsuniverse. Twinsuniverse is about the universe around Twinsun, hence the portmanteau Twinsun + universe.

In other words, concetrate on in-game terms only [reconsider needed]. The only valid articles that are not part of the actual games are Little Big Adventure and Little Big Adventure 2.

The Twinsuniverse is not a walkthrough to LBA

While this might sound obvious, in the early days of the encyclopedia stage of the Twinsuniverse, many articles looked like a walkthrough to the games. This is not the intention. Let's suppose, for example, that in LBA 1 Twinsen went to Jerome Baldino, and got from him a Proto-Pack. Once upon a time, some people wrote something like:

In LBA 1, Twinsen went to Baldino, and got from him a proto-pack

Or even took it a step further, and phrased it like this:

In LBA 1, go to Baldino's house, and get the proto-pack

As this is supposed to be a knowledge base, events that already happened should appear in the past tense (see below). Also, the words "LBA" and "LBA 2" should be avoided in any case. Instead, prefer the use of "Twinsen's first adventure", "Twinsen's second adventure", "during FunFrock's reign", "after the landing of the Esmers", etc. Further more, things like "go to his house", "get the proto-pack" and "when you get back home, (...)" should be avoided as well. It's better to write "Twinsen goes to his house", "when he gets the proto-pack" etc.

In short, a proper phrasing of the above scenario would be:

In his first adventure, Twinsen went to Jerome Baldino,
and received from him the proto-pack.

The Twinsuniverse is not about how the player plays the game, but how the game unfolds before it's lead character. The only exception to this, is when talking about challenges, where the available information is about how the player can play the game in an alternative way and not so much about the story itself.

Note: more categories may be defined later that deviate from storyline concept as well


The use of which tenses to use in the knowledge base has been a debating issue for a long time, and has yet to be resolved. Given here is the general agreement of what most people think. If you disagree or have any comments, please use the discussion page to tell us what you think.

As the Twinsuniverse is, presumably of course, a knowledge base written after the events of Twinsen's second adventure, events concerning the actual adventures should be written about in the past tense (see above). General description of places, characters and objects should be written in the present tense.

However, there are a few exceptions. First of all, obviously some time has passed from the end of Twinsen's first adventure to the end of his second one. Characters and locations could have changed a great deal since then, especially with the absence of FunFrock now. Since in LBA 2 we only get to see a small part of Twinsun, many things could have changed, without our knowledge of it.

Additionally, after Twinsen defeated Dark Monk in Dark Monk's Statue, Zeelich went back from its hell form to its ancient heavenly look. So, for example, writing in the Zeelich article that "Zeelich is an ugly planet" would simply do it injustice. On the other hand, we only get to see the beautiful Zeelich for a very short time, and we hardly know what happened to most of it, especially the Under-Gas.

There is no major solution to these issues. The best thing to do would, probably, be to describe what the place or the character was like at the time Twinsen saw it, as well as leaving a comment that there is no knowledge of what it is like now.

Note: the current state of many articles is far from being as described as above. You are more than welcome to fix any of these issues if you come across them in an article by editing it.

Prefer paragraphs over lists

Some internet encyclopedias tend to prefer dot-pointed articles over paragraphs. For example, in an article about the School of Magic, we might see something like this:

To make it look more "official" and more pleasurable to read, always use paragraphs in your articles. See also Twinsuniverse:Articles layout, to see how the general layout of the articles should be written.