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Life Candy

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Fan Art illustrating the concept of life candy

Life candies are a part of the lives system in the Little Big Adventure games. They are made to look like hearts, and contain a special genetic stimulant that triggers the regeneration of any damaged part of the body. Because the stimulant is used up as it works, each capsule only allows a slight recovery of health. As such, they are used to heal minor injuries, and generally increase a person's stamina. When a person's life points meter reaches zero, he loses one clover leaf.

Because of the cheap, widely available nature of the medicine, which is found in most garbage cans and plants, there is little sickness or disability on Twinsun.

The life candies are used by Twinsen whenever he needs to recover health. He can either find them in plants or garbage cans, or buy them in the bazaars around the planet. In Little Big Adventure 2, as part of his studies in the School of Magic, he receives the Horn of the Blue Triton, which enables him storing a greater amount of life points, as well as using them to heal others.

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