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Healing Wizard

Ker'aooc is a sphero wizard living in Port-Ludo on the Island of the White Leaf Desert. He is often referred to as the healing wizard. A sphero named Leone is working for him. Additinally, Anatole is one of his regular customers.

In a search for a cure for his Dino-Fly, Twinsen meets Leone in the pharmacy of Citadel Island. She advices him to go meet Ker'aooc in his house in Desert Island. When Twinsen arrives to Desert Island, he finds out that Ker'aooc is not home. Leone tells him that she is worried about that, becuase he usually doesn't disappear for too long. Twinsen later finds out that Ker'aooc, together with the other wizards of the planet, went with the Esmers to Zeelich, as an exchange trip. Leone tells Twinsen that if it's an emergency, he can try finding the School of Magic.

Twinsen later frees Ker'aooc, among the other wizards, from the machine in Dark Monk's statue.

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