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We're able to create links inside articles, to either other articles or categories of the Twinsuniverse or to external sites. Linking is easy and very convenient, much more than with HTML.

Twinsuniverse links

Basic links

Internal links are links to other articles in the Twinsuniverse. To add a link to another article, simply put "[[" before the text, and "]]" after it, or click on the Insert-ilink.png button on the edit toolbar (see Help:Editing). Example:

[[Twinsen]] → Twinsen

Remember linking to internal pages like this is case sensitive, except for the first letter. So:

[[Bob]] same page as [[bob]]
[[Jerome Baldino]] different page as [[Jerome baldino]]

However, we could set up a redirect page to accept different spellings.

The Pipe Technique

If you want to create a link to an article with (possibly totally) different text than it's name, you can do so with a method called, according to Wikipedia, the Pipe trick. To use this method, all you have to do is separate the title from the text, using the | character. Example:

Twinsen is the hero of the [[Twinsun|planet]] → Twinsen is the hero of the planet

Basically, remember the following order: [[Article title|Text to appear in article]]. This makes it possible to modify the link's text to better fit the context, or to make it better readable in it:

[[Some page with a long name or something|click here]] → click here

Linking to a specific section

Linking to a specific section is done using the # sign, separating the article title from the section title. Example:

[[School of Magic#Role in Twinsen's adventure]] → School of Magic#Role in Twinsen's adventure

Of cource you can use the | sign in this case as well. Example:

[[School of Magic#Role in Twinsen's adventure|The role of the School of Magic]] → The role of the School of Magic

To only link to a specific section inside the same article, just use a # sign and the section's title as the target. Example:

[[#Basic links]] → #Basic links

Category links

Normally, creating a category link on a page, adds your page to the category. Example:


But sometimes you'd want to create a link without actually adding the page to the category. To do this, you only need to add a colon (:) before the word "Category", like this:

[[:Category:Twinsun]] → Category:Twinsun

In this case the category link works just like any other basic link. So the pipe trick works as well:

[[:Category:Twinsun|Planet]] → Planet

External links

To automatically create an external link, you can click on the Insert-xlink.png button on the edit toolbar (see Help:Editing), and change the dummy text with your choice. To manually create a link, simply insert the URL: →

If you add it between single brackets, it becomes automatically numbered instead:

[] → [1]
[] → [2]
[] → [3]

To get a custom text on the link, you use the pipe-trick again. But with external links you separate the URL from the text by a space:

[ Some external Link] → Some external Link.

Linking to the Magicball Network

For quick linking to the Magicball Network Forums, there are two easy to use templates, Template:Thread and Template:Post. Preferably, use those two when linking to the forum. If the address of the MBN ever changes, we'd only need to change the template and all links will be automatically changed accordingly.