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Help Contents
A Table of contents is created automatically in each article, if it contains at least 4 headlines. With the table of contents, you can easily access the different sections in the article, by clicking on them in the table. The sections are displayed in an hierarchical order, depending on the level of headline each section uses (see Help:Headlines).

Unless stated otherwise, the table of contents will always appear between the first paragraph and the first headline. You can set it to appear in other places though, using these methods:

  • __TOC__- Sets the table of contents in the place where the line is inserted, even if there are less than 4 sections in the article.
  • __FORCETOC__- Forces the appearance of the table of contents, but unlike TOC does not place it where the line is written.
  • __NOTOC__- Prevents the appearance of the table of contents. May be used in special pages, like the Main Page, if you don't want the table of contents to ruin the design of the page.

The table of contents can also be cancelled all together, through the Preferences page. This would only have an effect to your own user account though.