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Creating a new article is easy. There are a few ways to do so, listed below.

Follow a "red link"

Links coloured red mean that the page of the article they link to hasn't been created yet. To create the article, all you need to do is click on the link. You will then be taken straight to the Edit mode of the page, where you can easily write the new article.

Wanted pages

In the special page named Wanted pages, you can see what articles have been linked to that don't exist yet, and which have been linked to the most. You can click on any link there, and it will take you to the edit mode of that page.

Other ways

To create a new article to which you found no link to, you can use two ways:

  • "Creating" the link- you can go to the Edit page of any article, and create a link there (see Help:Links), the easiest would be straight at the top for easy finding. Then when you click the Show preview button, you will see the red-link to the not yet created article. You can just click the link from here, that way the link won't actually be saved on this page. Though if you actually want the new link on that page, save first and then click the link.
  • Searching for the article- search for the exact name of the article you wish to create, at the searching box on the left menu. Make sure to use the proper case (see below). If the article does not yet exist, you will be taken to the search results, where you will see the following line at the top of the page:
There is no page titled "[Article title]". You can create this page.
Click the "create this page" link, and you will be taken to the editing screen.

Please also note that all articles should be case-sensitive, so use upper cases where needed. One exception is the first character, as all articles must begin with a capital letter (Twinsuniverse automatically transforms it into capital if you wrote it in small case).