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Sups Fragment
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This fragment of the Sups' key is one of the elements which will permit you to piece together the key to Dark Monk's temple.

- Official description


The Sups Fragment was one of the four fragments which together summoned Dark Monk's Statue to complete the ceremony. This turned back Zeelich to its original look after 10,000 ceremonies. The Sups Fragment is the blue "under" piece of Dark Monk's Key.

The fragment was located in the back room of the Emperor's Palace, heavily guarded by Hussars and an unidentified monster.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

As a part of his quest of uniting the four key fragments, Twinsen had to find the Sups Fragment. However, he wasn't able to reach it, as it was located in the heavily-guarded Emperor's Palace. After killing the emperor, Twinsen took his sword, with which he was able to fight his way to the fragment. Once defeating 3 guards in the back room of the palace, Twinsen had only to defeat a two-headed monster in order to get the key to the fragment. Twinsen took the fragment, and had to fight his way back outside in order to complete the prophecy.