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Mosquibees Fragment
Image of Mosquibees Fragment

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Twinsen battling a gas monster for the key containing the fragment

The Mosquibees Fragment is one of the four fragments which together summon Dark Monk's statue to complete the ceremony. This turns Zeelich back to its original look after 10,000 ceremonies. The Mosquibees Fragment is the yellow "left" piece of Dark Monk's Key.

The fragment itself is stored inside a locked box, on an island isolated from the Mosquibees Village, to prevent the emperor and his soldiers from stealing it.

As a part of his quest of hunting down the four key fragments, Twinsen reaches the Island of the Mosquibees, in a search for their fragment. Just after he completes the Test of Truth, the emperor's soldiers invade the village. Twinsen manages to escape, and goes to the island isolated from the village, where the fragment is found.

On the island, Twinsen finds a box in which the Mosquibees Fragment is kept. He has to battle a gas monster in order to get the key to the box. This monster is only able to be defeated by throwing back its own fireballs with a Wannies Glove. After Twinsen kills the monster, he has the key to the box, and is thus able to get the fragment.

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