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This category contains all items that are of type "weapon", which are used to cause enemies damage.


Any item is a weapon, if it is capable of causing a certain amount of damage upon enemies, bringing them closer to death. One exception is the Wannies Glove, classified as a weapon as it enables throwing back fire balls instead of causing damage by itself.

With the aid of these items, one is able to wander around more safely, as they ensure him a specific level and opportunity of defence. Each of the weapons causes a different amount of damage, and each one has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Role in Twinsen's adventures

Being under a constant threat, either as part of a whole planet, or simply as an escapee, Twinsen could not have survived if it wasn't for the weapons. Without them, the clones, the esmers or any other enemies would have been able to defeat the quetch pretty easily. With the aid of the weapons, Twinsen was eventually able to defeat his opponents, using his tricks and smarts.

Twinsen acquired different types of weapons throughout his two adventures. From small Darts to deadly Magic Sabre, each weapon was special in its own way.

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