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Here's a (very incomplete) list with Frequently Asked Questions. And their answers, of course.

  • What the heck is Little Big Adventure?

Little Big Adventure (also known as Relentless in the USA) is an adventure game that came out in 1994. In this game you played the adventure as Twinsen, who finds out that he's destined to save his planet Twinsun from the dicatorship of Dr. FunFrock. The game featured an enormous world to explore and many objects and characters to interact with.

In 1997, Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey in the USA) came out. In this sequel, visitors from the planet Zeelich come to Twinsun. Their intentions might not be as peaceful as they say...

  • Why the heck would you want to make an MediaWiki project on that?

The community around those games is still very active. There are several projects going on, like the Relentless Movie Project which includes making a full movie based on LBA1. For this, a central place with reference on everything was very handy. Also, it's fun to write for and it feels good to be able to look up everything whenever you want. The community also came up with post-finish Challenges, Bugs-listings, and other non-official information. The Twinsuniverse is a combination of everything that the Encyclopedia Twinsunica offered as well as all the other information mentioned.

  • Who the heck are working on all this?

Check out the contributors section.

  • Where the heck can I contact the site administrator?

Currently this is not possible directly, sorry.