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Red Magnetic Card
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The Red Magnetic Card is a magnetic card created by a forger rabbibunny living on Proxima Island, whose speciality is faking such cards. Due to the phony red card traffic, this rabbibunny was arrested, and his brother, who stays alone in their house, gives such a card to whoever says the word "Amos" to him.

The card itself enables opening gates on numerous places around Twinsun, as well as operating the lift at the ski summit at the Hamalayi Mountains.

In FunFrock's Headquarters on Principal Island, Twinsen meets the card forger, now imprisoned in the fortress. The forger tells him about his brother, who will give him a red card if Twinsen says the word "Amos" to him.

In the forger's house on Proxim-City, Twinsen receives a red magnetic card from the forger's brother.

The first place where Twinsen uses the card is the Maritime Museum, which he enters through a side door, since the place is heavily guarded. Twinsen later uses the card on various places around the planet for opening many kinds of gates, especially to enter FunFrock's headquarters, or even for operating the lift at the ski summit.

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