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A disambiguation page is a "junction" page, linking to several articles of the same name. Although in the LBA worlds this is less common, we might sometimes encounter the need for such a page.

Creating a disambiguation page

To create a disambiguation page, start the article you wish to be such a page, and enter the following text layout:

(Page name) may refer to:
* [[Article 1]]
* [[Article 2]]
* [[Article 3]]

Replace the "page name" and use the appropriate article names, of course.

Don't forget to tag the page with {{Disambig}}, which indicates that it is a disambiguation page and automatically categorises it appropriately.


For a page with pagename "Carlo (disambiguation)":


(Carlo) may refer to:
* [[Carlo (Baggage Claim)]]
* [[Carlo (Port-Ludo)]]

You could also add short distinctive descriptions for each one instead of their full page names, preferably with additional links to their context, like this:


(Carlo) may refer to:
* [[Carlo (Baggage Claim)|Carlo]] - the worker guy downstairs in the [[Baggage Claim]] on [[Citadel Island]]
* [[Carlo (Port-Ludo)|Carlo]] - the quetch jeux de boule player in [[Port-Ludo]] on [[Desert Island]]

Note: convention is to name this kind of page appropriately, like "Carlo (disambiguation)"

Disambiguations in the Twinsuniverse

For a list of all pages that use the Disambig template, see Category:Disambiguation. Pages that use the above mentioned template are automatically listed here.