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Wannies Fragment

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The Wannies Fragment

This fragment of the wannies' key is one of the elements which will permit you to piece together the key to Dark Monk's temple.

- Official description


The Wannies Fragment was one of the four fragments which together summoned Dark Monk's Statue to complete the ceremony. This turned Zeelich back in its original look after 10,000 ceremonies. The Wannies Fragment is the green "above" piece of Dark Monk's Key.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

As a part of his quest of uniting the four key fragments, Twinsen had to find the Wannies Fragment. It was located in a room in the Wannies Mines, protected by the a huge guard. After killing the guard, Twinsen retrieved the key to the room. In there, it turned out that the room looked like Dark Monk's Chapel, but then with a fragment. After taking the fragment, Twinsen had to fight his way out, as the Wannies in the mine wanted their fragment back.

Unconfirmed theories

After picking up the Wannies Fragment, Twinsen heard a voice speaking to him. It might have been the real Dark Monk, who was making sure the whole prophecy would be fullfilled.

Additional quotes

But it's you who took our fragment. You don't realize what you have done. Listen carefully.

- Mr. Lemoine

The time of the ceremony is near. Now that you have taken our fragment, Dark Monk will not chase the monsters of the gas or the cloud which blankets Zeelich!

- Mr. Lemoine

Easy, Twinsen, be careful. It's not the time to break this precious fragment!!

- a voice

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