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Umbrella Thief
Character Portrait of Umbrella Thief

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Mr Twinsen! Could you tell me why you're following me?

- Umbrella Thief


The Umbrella Thief is a rabbibunny who steals an umbrella from the pharmacy on Citadel Island during Twinsen's Odyssey. He has a little sister at the Schoolhouse and a mother who works at the Inter-Islands Ferry.

Twinsen is asked to retrieve the umbrella back from the rabbibunny thief, by the owner of the umbrella, who was a customer at the pharmacy.

Role in Twinsen's Adventure

To get information out of the owner of the umbrella about Ker'aooc, Twinsen had to go after the thief, in discreet mode to make him give the umbrella back. Apparently it was just an 'accident.'

Additional Quotes

Not again! What do you want from me now Mr Twinsen?

- Umbrella Thief

But Mr Twinsen I assure you I don't have your tunic. Maybe you should look at home.

- Umbrella Thief

But that's my umb...Oh!!! Excuse me I thought it was mine. Boohooo, I'm so embarrassed... I keep making mistakes...

- Umbrella Thief


- Umbrella Thief