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This article is about how to categorize articles in the Twinsuniverse. For help with using categories, see Help:Categories

This page deals with how to categorize each article in the Twinsuniverse. This is flexible though, and subject to changes. For any comments, use the discussion page.

  Due to a great deal of changes during development, some of the proposed categories on this page might have changed.


The characters' articles are probably the most common ones. Each character usually falls under these main categories:

  1. Race- Very simple, the race of the character. For example, Bob is categorized under Grobos.
  2. Gender- The gender of the characer. Males go under Male characters, females under Female characters. There is even an Unknown gender category.
  3. Size- The size of the character. Most characters probably fall under Average characters, but there are also some in Large characters and Small characters.
  4. Age- There's only need to make a difference between Adult characters and Child characters. There is also a category for Dead characters, who were already dead before Twinsen's adventures began (not died during them).
  5. Family members- Some characters also have relations with other characters, like Husbands, Wives, Sons or Daughters. Only the relation of the other character to this' needs specifying; if a woman has a "husband", she'll be put in Wives automatically, and if a boy has a "mother", he'll be put in Children.
  6. Locations- All locations Twinsen encountered this character at. Some characters are in more than one, especially the lead and generic ones. Convention is to reference the Planet level and deepest actual sublevel.
  7. Hostility- Every character has a particular type of stance towards Twinsen, like Aggressive or Friendly. Additionally, characters could also have a Temper, when they might hit Twinsen under certain circumstances.
  8. Requirement- Most hostile characters have a certain Magic level requirement to damage them in a fight, others ask for a fee to take advantage of their Services.


  1. Hostility- Every enemy has a particular type of stance towards Twinsen, like Aggressive or Neutral. Additionally, enemies could also have the ability to Talk to Twinsen.
  2. Attack styles- Enemies are almost always aggressive, and often have different kinds of attacks. They may have the ability to fight with Melee, Ranged, Explosives or some kind of Magic.


Articles about places Twinsen visited will often have several categories:

  1. Location path- The path of all location levels at which this place is found at. This will always be at least the Planet level, followed by an Island, the Area, the Building, and finally the Room. In some cases more than one of the same level can be nested, and in some cases a level may be omitted template design needed.
  2. Type- The type of the place. It can either be a Planet, Island, Area, Building or Room, as in the above.

Inventory items

There are several different kinds of inventory items an article can be added to:

  • Bonus items- All the objects that Twinsen "consumes" into his body.
  • Currency items- Items Twinsen used as a currency.
  • Equipment items- Clothes, devices etc Twinsen wears.
  • Key items- The four fragments of Dark Monk's key, as well as the key itself, and some others.
  • Magical items- Magical items (i.e. store or use magic).
  • Tool items- Different tools Twinsen uses to get things (done).
  • Weapon items- For any weapons Twinsen used.


Species articles al fall under Category:Species. They are also listed in the category of the characters of their race. For example, Grobos is categorized under the Category:Grobos. Note that it is sorted under a space there: [[Category:Grobos| ]], which is to indicate this is the general article of the species itself and not one of it's characters.