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Infobox Item/powerlevel

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This template offers a multiple choice for defining the powerlevel category of an (item) article. It can also automatically categorize a page under that category.


  1. The selected powerlevel from the following values (no parameter name and values are case insensitive):
    • none
    • yellow
    • green
    • red
    • fire
    • all
    • any other (non)empty value defaults to: unknown
  • nocat: Whether or not to suppress categorization under the chosen category (defaults to false, which means auto categorization).

Note: more category values should be discussed on the discussion page.


{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|value}}


Any of the above values may be used like this:

{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|none}}
{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|yellow}}
{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|green}}
{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|red}}
{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|fire}}
None [list all]
Magic Level Yellow [list all]
Magic Level Green [list all]
Magic Level Red [list all]
Magic Level Fire [list all]

Some items are not of a specific powerlevel, but grow in power as Twinsen reaches new magic levels, or simply have an effect on all levels. In that case, use this value:

{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|all}}
All Magic Levels [list all]

The case of the value is not important:

{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|grEEn}}
Magic Level Green [list all]

You may leave the "powerlevel" undefined (which would raise the Items with an unknown powerlevel maintenance task) by not specifying any valid value, so these all have the same result:

{{Infobox Item/powerlevel}}
{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|}}
{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|blue}}
{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|standby}}
{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|microwave}}
unknown [list all]

The nocat parameter may be used to suppress automatic categorization like this (any value will do):

{{Infobox Item/powerlevel|none|nocat=true}}

This would render the same result as the first example above, but would not automatically categorize under Category:Powerless items. This feature works both on valid values and the maintenance task mentioned above.