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This template is used in articles to automatically categorize them under a category, and to display a representation of the category. The display is in the form of a {{categorylink}}. This display may also be turned off to merely categorize an article.

When this is used in an infobox, this will append the categorization to a variable, to allow the infobox to sort its categories. When the display is then turned off, in which case this template would make sure there is no output, the related row may gracefully collapse rather than showing empty.


  • category: The category name to use for the {{categorylink}} and categorization (case sensitive, mandatory)
  • catlabel, article and label: Additional parameters for the {{categorylink}}.
  • display: Whether or not to display anything (case insensitive, defaults to "true")
  • nocat: Whether or not to suppress categorization under category (defaults to false, which means auto categorization).

Note: The display parameter should only be specified if it's actually used, as it also activates on the empty value.


Common use includes these four parameters:



For explanation of the above first four parameters, see {{categorylink}}.

You may remove the display of the categorylink by specifying any other value than "true" for the display parameter, so these all have the same result (nothing displayed, but still categorized):

{{categorizer|category=Quetch characters|catlabel=|article=|label=|display=}}
{{categorizer|category=Quetch characters|catlabel=|article=|label=|display=     }}
{{categorizer|category=Quetch characters|catlabel=|article=|label=|display=false}}
{{categorizer|category=Quetch characters|catlabel=|article=|label=|display=nope}}
{{categorizer|category=Quetch characters|catlabel=|article=|label=|display=yes}}
{{categorizer|category=Quetch characters|catlabel=|article=|label=|display=all}}

Note that adding the value "true" to the nocat parameter to any of the above examples results in exactly the same as not calling this template.

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The nocat parameter may be used to suppress automatic categorization like this (any value will do):

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This would prevent the page from being categorized under Category:Quetches, which is useful if you only want to render the categorylink without categorization, and if using the {{categorylink}} directly is not desired/possible (i.e. when calling this template indirectly).