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  • infobox_messages  (active)
  • maintenance_message  (active)
  • row  (free for reuse)

This template provides a generic infobox structure, and is used to implement new kinds of infoboxes for pages. It provides an {{Infobox/row}} for rendering a title heading, an optional {{articleimage}}, and an unlimited amount of rows for custom (data) headings.

Using this template directly on an article page is not recommended, as it would require a lot of repetitive wikicode. This template only provides a basic structure with base functionality, and does not automate headings or categorize pages on its own. Implement this generic infobox in a specific kind of infobox, to reuse the same headings and categorization mechanics across the different articles it will be used on.


  • infoboxname: The name of the template implementing this infobox, for the documentation link (case sensitive, defaults to no doclink)
  • title: The title to use in the title heading of the infobox (optional, defaults to {{PAGENAME}})
  • float: Whether the infobox should float to the right (any non-empty value will do, defaults to no float)
  • theme: One of the /themes names for auto-styling the infobox (optional, defaults to stylesheet definitions)
  • class: An optional custom class to add to the infobox (lowercase, CSS classname syntax, defaults to no extra class)
  • image: The filename of the image to use as the infobox's article image (case sensitive, defaults to a default image)
  • imagecaption: The text to show in the tooltip when the article image is hovered (case sensitive, defaults to 'Image for article: {{PAGENAME}}')
  • noimage: Whether the article image should be disabled altogether for the infobox implementation (any value will disable the image, defaults to enabled)
  • header#, label#, data# and class# from the /row subpage (for unlimited amount of rows, all default to hide row)
  • nocat: Whether or not to suppress categorization by the {{articleimage}} template (defaults to false, which means auto categorization).


Copy and paste the following for quick use:

 |infoboxname=Infobox Something




... this template is still under documentation ...