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Character Portrait of Scooterbunny

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Scooter driver

That alien jalopy's easy on the eyes, but it looks difficult to park! So for 8 kashes, where do I drop you?

- Scooterbunny


A rabbibunny who taxi's citizens around Citadel Island for a small fare.

He is found in a garage during the rain complaining about the storm. After the rain stops, he drives around the town square. If Twinsen stops him, he will offer to give him a ride up to the Flower Circle.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

In LBA2 the scooterbunny can take you for a ride to the furthest points of Citidel Island (Weather Wizard tent and Lighthouse) aswell as Lupin-Burg City for only 8 kashes. He only drives his scooter when it is sunny. When it is raining on Citidel Island he provides you with a hint that you can jump while you're running to go further.

Additional Quotes

Hold on!

- Scooterbunny

I don't talk to nutcases Mr Twinsen!

- Scooterbunny

I don't take anyone in the storm, I hate this weather. And why doesn't the Weather Wizard intervene, heh? By the way, did you notice that you could jump while you are running?

- Scooterbunny