Roger de la Fontaine's Brother

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Roger de la Fontaine's Brother
Character Portrait of Roger de la Fontaine's Brother

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Roger de la Fontaine's Brother is a Franco whose name is unknown. He was the brother of Roger de la Fontaine, the late Burgermaster of the Island of the Francos.

Even though the rest of the island is caught up in the treasure hunt for the lost Francos Fragment, Roger's brother doesn't seem too interested in finding the fragment. He does nothing to help try and find it, and is sceptical that anyone will.

Twinsen learns from Roger's brother about Roger and what happened to him. He reveals that there are notes in the house with clues about finding the lost fragment, but that he lost the key to the closet holding them.

Even after Twinsen finds the francos fragment and shows it to Roger's brother, he does not believe that it is the true fragment.

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