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Bonuses List
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The Bonuses List is a small note listing some of the locations of clover box and clover leaves in Twinsun. The note is as follows:

Locations of several clover leaves and boxes: There is a box for clover leaves in the sewers of Citadel island, and another in the basement of the tavern; one clover leaf is guarded by a soldier who is located behind sandbags. Another is guarded by a clone in the middle of the ruins on Principal island. Another one is on the roof of the Maritime Museum. Another is guarded by a groboclone to the right of the Teleportation Center's entrance. Another is guarded by a soldier in front of FunFrock's fortress.

- Bonuses List

This list is owned by Lanktir, a grobo residing near the bazaar in Proxim-City.

By returning Lanktir the coffee pot on behalf of the sphero he meets near the Maritime Museum, Twinsen receives this list as a reward. With it, Twinsen is able to know the locations of some clover boxes and clover leaves around the planet, thus being able to find them more easily.

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