Slice of FireFly Tart

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Slice of FireFly Tart
Image of Slice of FireFly Tart

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You don't like this tart, but you must give it to someone who appreciates it more than you.

- Official description


The Firefly Tart is a food product made and eaten by the Wannies. It is made from the fireflies easily found around their island.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

Searching for a way to reach the Mosquibees Island, Twinsen reached the Village of the Wannies. There, a note written by Annie, the housemaid of Dark Monk's priest, clued the quetch to ask the priest about it. Unfortunately, the door to the chapel leading to the priest's house was locked. However, Twinsen was lucky enough to meet an old wannie at the village. This wannie owned the key to the door, and was willing to give it to Twinsen in return for a slice of firefly tart.

Searching for such a tart, Twinsen arrived at the house of a small family living in the village. Being kind enough, the wannies invited Twinsen to share their meal. After fainting once hearing what it was he has just eaten, Twinsen took a slice of the tart for the old wannie, who in return gave the quetch the key to the chapel.

Additional quotes

Hey, pal! Say, if you bring me back a slice of tart, I'll tell you a pretty wacky secret.

- The old wannie

I fish fireflies used to bake tarts. It's awfully good you know, a firefly tart.

- Arno

So? How do you like my firefly tart?

- Wannie woman