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Infobox Template/choice

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This template offers a way to specify whether another template accepts one single or multiple choices, from a selection of values. This only applies to categorization of the pages the template is used on. It can also automatically categorize the template page under the category for that type of choice.

Note: "multiple choice" means here the ability to select multiple values from the set of available ones, not that there are multiple values available (as all cases have that).


  1. The type of choice the template accepts (no parameter name and value is case insensitive):
    • single
    • multiple
    • none
    • any other (non)empty value defaults to: unknown
  • ignore: Whether or not to ignore the choice, if there is no categorization (any value will do, defaults to not ignore)
  • nocat: Whether or not to suppress categorization under the selected category (defaults to false, which means auto categorization).


{{Infobox Template/choice|value}}


Common use includes the unnamed parameter with either values "single" or "multiple":

{{Infobox Template/choice|single}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|multiple}}
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The case of the value is not important:

{{Infobox Template/choice|MULtipLE}}
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You don't have to specify "choice" for templates that don't offer one during categorization, by specifying the "none" value:

{{Infobox Template/choice|none}}
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You may leave "choice" undefined (which would raise the Templates of unknown choice maintenance task) by not specifying any valid value, so these all have the same result:

{{Infobox Template/choice}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|yeah}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|true}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|inevitable}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|there is no spoon}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|7}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|C}}
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Lastly, it is possible to ignore "choice" altogether, if the template does not categorize anyway, by using the ignore parameter, which would not display but categorize under Category:Nonchoice templates by default:

{{Infobox Template/choice|ignore=true}}
{{Infobox Template/choice||ignore=true}}
{{Infobox Template/choice|I don't know|ignore=yessss}}

The nocat parameter may be used to suppress automatic categorization like this (any value will do):

{{Infobox Template/choice|single|nocat=true}}

This would render the same result as the first example above, but would not automatically categorize under Category:Single-choice templates. This feature works both on valid values and the maintenance task mentioned above.