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Infobox Item/upgrades

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This template offers the choice to define the upgradability category of an (item) article. It can also automatically categorize a page under that category.

An item is upgradable, when it has different states within the same adventure. This is recognized when the item is replaced by a different item in the same inventory slot for instance, or when it changes image. This also applies when an item gets temporarily overriden by another.


  1. Whether or not upgradable (no parameter name and value is case insensitive):
    • no
    • yes
    • final
    • any other (non)empty value defaults to: unknown
  • nocat: Whether or not to suppress categorization under the chosen category (defaults to false, which means auto categorization).

Note: eventhough the name of this template implies a default value of "yes", leaving the parameter empty or out resolves to "unknown" instead.

Note: when an item is said to be upgradable, this does not necessarily mean the different states should have their own article. In the case of the Magic Ball, this is not desirable, as it remains descriptively exactly the same.


{{Infobox Item/upgrades|value}}


Common use includes the only parameter with either values "yes" or "no":

{{Infobox Item/upgrades|yes}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|no}}
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No [list all]

Some items are not upgradable in the game, but have been upgraded from other states. In that case, use this value:

{{Infobox Item/upgrades|final}}
Final-state [list all]

The case of the value is not important:

{{Infobox Item/upgrades|FINal}}
Final-state [list all]

You may leave "upgrades" undefined (which would raise the Items of unknown upgradability maintenance task) by not specifying any valid value, so these all have the same result:

{{Infobox Item/upgrades}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|yeah}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|true}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|aye, it upgrades!}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|whatever}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|nope?}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|false}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|null}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|zero}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|promotion}}
{{Infobox Item/upgrades|not}}
unknown [list all]

The nocat parameter may be used to suppress automatic categorization like this (any value will do):

{{Infobox Item/upgrades|yes|nocat=true}}

This would render the same result as the first example above, but would not automatically categorize under Category:Upgradable items. This feature works both on valid values and the maintenance task mentioned above.